Introducing Touch-Free Payment

Free tools for our merchants to pivot your business into an ever changing mobile environment. You’re doing a great job in hard times. Use these free tools to help.

Local. Mobile. Global.

Pay by Link

Pay by Phone

Tap to Pay

24×7 Support

Pay by Phone (Virtual Terminal)

Take orders and process payments over the phone so you can safely operate your business anywhere.

Pay by Tap and Go.

Point of Sale for curbside commerce 

Say goodbye to risky cash and swipe transactions and keep you and your customers healthy. 

Modern point of sale devices with out of the box support for touch-free payments like Apple Pay. 

24×7 Support

We’re here whenever you need us. Just pick up the phone.

Contact us to get set up:

UK/Europe: +44 0203 691 2695

Malta: +356 2226 7461 

US: +1 (844) 729-9484 


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